Arusik Writes

Arusik Zakharian

World-famous musician Yanni will arrive in Armenia in the evening of September 22, and his concert will be held on September 23. "Invitro Production & VT Entertainment" production is the organizer of the concert. Zara Marutyan, assistant to the company's director, told Armenpress that it is not yet clear whether Yanni will manage to visit the picturesque places of Armenia, as he will be here for a short period of time. According to her, there is an initial agreement, according to which the musician will meet with Armenian journalists.

September will really be a busy month for Yanni. He has already presented the list of his concerts, where it is particularly noted that Yanni together with his orchestra will give a concert in Bucharest on September 14, on September 16 in Budapest, on September 18 in Istanbul, on September 23 in Yerevan, and on October 1 in Korea.
The concert in Armenia will be held in Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex. About 40 musicians will accompany Yanni during the concerts, Armenian outstanding violinist Samvel Yerinyan will be among them. The tickets are sold from August 10. They cost 7 000-60 000 AMD.